Advancements in Street Furniture

Street furniture is an important part of a town's identity and it also plays a very important role in making public spaces comfortable for the public. A town cannot lack traffic signs, waste containers, bus shelter benches, bike racks, and park benches among other public facilities. The local authorities are responsible for assessing the town's needs and contracting street furniture suppliers to install and maintain street furniture. These suppliers design street furniture with a number of things in mind and are constantly improving the designs to make them more efficient and to meet the evolving needs of various towns.

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Advancements in Street Furniture Design 

The safety of the users of public facilities is always a priority for street furniture suppliers.They strive to make public spaces safer for both pedestrians and motorists by continuously updating street furniture and making the designs more functional and relevant to life today. For instance, with the use of smartphones being at an all-time high, pedestrians may be so distracted that they end up walking into a busy road. This can result in terrible accidents occurring and can even be fatal. In fact, there have been a few cases of pedestrians getting run over by speeding vehicles because they were busy texting and did not check whether the road was clear before walking into it. Some suppliers have suggested that towns invest in in-ground traffic lights to deal with this.

Other suggestions include having loose park chairs so that people can sit wherever they would like to sit when they go to the park. The park chairs will be coin-operated to ensure that people return the chairs to the right place when they are done using them in order to keep the park tidy. Hence, people will only get their coins back when they return the chairs to the right place. Some suppliers have also proposed the use of solar-powered street lamps to save on energy by making use of renewable energy. The lamps will have solar panels to collect solar energy on sunny days. The proposed design can only tap a limited amount of solar energy, so solar power will be used to supplement electricity. The lamp posts will have a socket which pedestrians and other road users can use to charge their phones or other devices.

Street furniture designs are also chosen with people living with disabilities in mind. That is why more and more public spaces are becoming wheelchair-friendly. Another example of this is the use of tactile paving, which has been adopted in many places around the world. Tactile paving helps the blind or those who are visually impaired to know when they get to the edge of a footpath or platform. Some street furniture may hold significant historical value to a town's folk, thus replacing it may not be an option, even when it becomes defunct.


Street furniture suppliers clearly have the users' best interests at heart as is evident from the great street furniture ideas they have. Besides just functionality, they also strive to come up with designs that are visually appealing and will beautify public spaces.They make durable furniture that can withstand inclement weather. With all these advancements in street furniture, life in urban areas is bound to improve tremendously.